After Care

Proper care is essential for maintaining healthy, beautiful lashes.

  • Brush your lashes at least twice a day (morning and night) to make sure the extensions stay separate and fluffy.
  • Wash, yes, WASH your lash extensions daily with a gentle cleanser and warm water. Unlike other lash companies, NovaLash extensions are formulated to be instantly water proof and oil resistant. Washing your lashes removes oils and debris keeping your natural lashes, extensions, and your lash artist happy!
  • Avoid using any skincare or makeup products containing Glycol (PEG-4) as this weakens the bond between the extension and the natural lash causing the extensions to come off.
  • NEVER use waterproof mascara. If mascara use is desired (we do not believe that mascara is needed while wearing extensions) NovaLash mascara is the only recommended brand to pair with the NovaLash extensions.
  • Remove any eye makeup with NovaLash Clean Lash pads (we like to fold them and use the edge of the pad gently along the lash line as opposed to wiping down the lashes) *use caution if using Q-tips for removal, cotton fibers can get stuck in the base of the extension*
  • Schedule regular touch up appointments! Keeping on top of your appointments and making sure to pre-book is the best way to maintain perfect lashes. Most of our clients come every 2-3 weeks for touch up appointments and book them out several weeks in advance.